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EBA Concrete Services takes great care to dispose of old concrete and asphalt at proper recycling facilities. Over the past few years, concrete has evolved into a very diversified product. Now more then ever, contractors are using cement based products to build, repair and restore structures. In order to keep up with new technology and industry requirements, EBA Concrete will continually research and educate ourselves to offer the best to you, our customer.

Many concrete products can be reused, such as concrete pavers and precast wall panels. Used concrete can be 100% recycled as aggregate for use in roadbeds or as a granular material. Concrete yields 45% to 80% coarse aggregate usable for new concrete mixtures. The rest can be crushed and re-used as base material for roadbeds, parking lots or other applications. Concrete sidewalk slabs are reused to build "dry stone" retaining walls. A well designed concrete building with long floor spans and column-free space is adaptable to a succession of different occupants.

Building with concrete can reduce energy, labour and materials costs for maintenance and reconstruction. Since ingredients of concrete exist almost everywhere, concrete can be manufactured near a job site, requiring minimal energy for transportation. Since concrete has high reflectance, less night-lighting is necessary for concrete roadways, parking lots and other structures. Concrete does not sustain mould growth and can be easily cleaned.

Concrete manufacturing results in less CO2 per unit than almost all other construction materials, making it the sustainable construction material of choice.

Not only can EBA Concrete help beautify your space, it too, can contribute with our environmental concerns.

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